Technology Driven Manufacturing

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CNC Machining

We offer specialized precision CNC machining services, harnessing the power of advanced CNC technology.

Reverse Engineering

We offer comprehensive reverse engineering services, utilizing a state-of-the-art portable 3D Laser scanner.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer turnkey solutions, our network of reliable vendors and consultants ensure the quality of manufactured components.

Our Projects

BVI Machining, Inc. has undertaken a broad spectrum of sophisticated projects demanding unparalleled precision and quality. Our expertise encompasses manufacturing components for the aerospace, defense, automotive, and oil & gas sectors, where the need for accuracy, reliability, and supreme quality is paramount.

Aerospace Machining

Aerospace Machining

Defense Machining

Defense Machining

Oil & Gas Machining

Oil & Gas Machining

Our Capabilities

CNC Machining
We offer a comprehensive suite of cnc machining services tailored to your precise requirements. Our machining capabilities encompass turning, milling, and advanced 5-axis machining, ensuring versatility and precision in every project. With specialized tooling, we cater to custom machining demands, adeptly meeting your specifications for tight tolerance projects.

  • OD Turning:   .100" thru 75.00"
  • ID Turning:   .100" thru 70.00"
  • Milling:   .050" thru 70.00" ; max height: 48.00"
  • 5-Axis:   .050" thru 70.00" ; max height: 48.00" itar iso

Reverse Engineering
Our reverse engineering capabilities represent the pinnacle of precision and technological sophistication. Leveraging a portable 3D Laser Scanner, we excel in capturing the exact dimensions and geometries of any physical object, translating them into accurate digital models. This process is complemented by specialized reverse engineering software, which allows us to analyze, modify, and enhance the scanned data for precise replication or improvement of existing components.

  • 3D Laser Scanning:   8.2 ft. with +/-.002 accuracy
  • Reverse Engineering Software:   Mesh/Solid model creation from laser scanning

Our Company

BVI Machining, Inc. stands as a leader in the precision machining industry, boasting a rich history of 50 years. Our legacy is built on a foundation of technological innovation, exceptional craftsmanship, and a deep commitment to quality. Central to our operation is our commitment to Technology-Driven Manufacturing, utilizing the forefront of Mazak technology in CNC machining. We produce a wide range of precision components from various materials for targeted industries.

  • Aerospace CNC Machining
  • Defense CNC Machining
  • Automotive / Oil & Gas CNC Machining
  • Reverse Engineering and Turnkey Solutions

Our Contacts